A New Las Vegas Trip

I forgot that I have a Las Vegas category and so thought I’d tell you about our little trip to Vegas a couple weeks ago. We stayed at the Hilton where we usually stay. We got a nice room with a tub that has those water jets. Barb likes those.

We went to two shows while we were there. On Monday night, Nov 17, we saw the musical “Jersey Boys”. This won the Tony for best musical when it opened on Broadway a couple years ago. Now it’s playing in Vegas and I really wanted to see it. It was, in a word, great. It tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and their rise to fame and then, their ultimate breakup. The language is pretty R-rated, but not overly so. The music was awesome. I love the Four Seasons. They are one of my favorite groups from the 60′. If you ever get a chance to see “Jersey Boys”, don’t miss it.

We also went to see Barry Manilow on Wednesday, Nov 19. Now, I admit, the average age of the audience was about 60. Manilow is considered like elevator music these days, but he still puts on a wonderful show. His new Las Vegas show spotlights all his hits and we really had a good time.

On Tuesday, we drove down to Hoover Dam which is about 1/2 hour from Vegas on the Arizona border. It is, I believe, the largest dam ever built. Anyway, it’s huge. We had picked up a wheel chair at the hotel and Barb had the joy of pushing me all over. We went on a tour that showed how the dam was built and we looked at the turbines. It was cool. We had a good time and since I didn’t have to walk everywhere, I still felt prety good on the way home. What was really cool, was we had a couple places in the tour where the chair had to pushed up an incline and I’m pretty heavy. In both cases, a man we didn’t even know stepped up and asked if he could help and he did the pushing (two different men). So, that helped a lot. I hope to get my own chair or a scooter sometime as it is getting harder and harder to walk.

So, the trip to Vegas was a big success. We had a good time. I didn’t mention that we stopped in St George and saw Matt and Steph and family on the way down, so that was very nice, too.

Just think, soon, I’ll retire and I could show up on any of your doorsteps at any time, so be ready.



I wanted to mention one other thing about our trip to Vegas. We went to the Liberace Museum. Does anyone remember Liberace? He was a piano player who was fairly popular back in the 50’s and 60’s. He was on TV a lot and even had his own show for awhile. He was on shows like “Ed Sullivan”. In a word, he was called “flamboyant”. He would always put a candleabra on the piano when he played. And he liked to dress up in outlandish costumes. They had 20 or 30 of his costumes at the museum. They said they weighted more than 100 pounds each. Think of Elton John when he was crazy and then crank it up another notch. Liberace also had a number of cars, among them several Roles Royce’s. There were 6 or 7 cars at the museum, too.

It was cool to see his old stuff. We spent an hour or so in the museum and looked at everything. Luckily, there were many places to sit down. Liberace died in 1987 of Aids. I still kind of miss him. He was great to see on TV. I wanted to buy some of his DVD’s, but funds were low and so we will wait and try to get something another time.

Just another report from the wonderful life of Jim Hoag……. 🙂

Jim and Dad


Sorry, it’s been a week since I wrote in this. My birthday present this year was to go to Las Vegas for the weekend and see Tony Bennett. Does anybody that reads this blog remember him? His biggest hit was “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” back in the 60’s. Most of the people there were our age or older. I never saw so many walkers and canes in my life. But the concert was very cool. He did a lot of stuff that you might associate with Frank Sinatra, so I’ll bet you are all green with envy.

We came home yesterday (Sunday) and stopped and had a great dinner with Matt and his family. Hannah really seemed to like her birthday card. We also stopped in Cedar to visit Barb’s son David’s family. That was nice, too.

Anyway, it was a pretty good weekend.

I’m feeling OK, but I don’t think the shot did what it was supposed to. I had to walk quite a long way in Vegas to get to the concert and it was really difficult. I go back to the doctor on Nov 2, so we’ll see what he says. More later…