George Jones

Barb and I went to Wendover, NV yesterday to see country legend George Jones.  He has been singing country music since the 50’s. In fact, I think he is celebrating 50 years in show business. He’s getting old and not quite the spark he used to have . After all, he first hit the charts in 1955 with “Why, Baby, Why.” One of my all time favorite songs (in any genre) is “He Stopped Loving Her Today” It was said to be the greatest country song of all time, but that, of course, is a matter of opinion. It’s certainly my favorite. Anyway, it was a great concert. I really enjoyed it. We stayed overnight in Wendover and then drove to the airport this morning to drop Barb off for a trip to Seattle. She’s going to a knitting conference up there and then will stop in to see her sister who lives in Corvallis, Oregon. So, I am alone for the week. I will probably starve to death. More later…

Dad and Jim


I wanted to mention one other thing about our trip to Vegas. We went to the Liberace Museum. Does anyone remember Liberace? He was a piano player who was fairly popular back in the 50’s and 60’s. He was on TV a lot and even had his own show for awhile. He was on shows like “Ed Sullivan”. In a word, he was called “flamboyant”. He would always put a candleabra on the piano when he played. And he liked to dress up in outlandish costumes. They had 20 or 30 of his costumes at the museum. They said they weighted more than 100 pounds each. Think of Elton John when he was crazy and then crank it up another notch. Liberace also had a number of cars, among them several Roles Royce’s. There were 6 or 7 cars at the museum, too.

It was cool to see his old stuff. We spent an hour or so in the museum and looked at everything. Luckily, there were many places to sit down. Liberace died in 1987 of Aids. I still kind of miss him. He was great to see on TV. I wanted to buy some of his DVD’s, but funds were low and so we will wait and try to get something another time.

Just another report from the wonderful life of Jim Hoag……. 🙂

Jim and Dad


Sorry, it’s been a week since I wrote in this. My birthday present this year was to go to Las Vegas for the weekend and see Tony Bennett. Does anybody that reads this blog remember him? His biggest hit was “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” back in the 60’s. Most of the people there were our age or older. I never saw so many walkers and canes in my life. But the concert was very cool. He did a lot of stuff that you might associate with Frank Sinatra, so I’ll bet you are all green with envy.

We came home yesterday (Sunday) and stopped and had a great dinner with Matt and his family. Hannah really seemed to like her birthday card. We also stopped in Cedar to visit Barb’s son David’s family. That was nice, too.

Anyway, it was a pretty good weekend.

I’m feeling OK, but I don’t think the shot did what it was supposed to. I had to walk quite a long way in Vegas to get to the concert and it was really difficult. I go back to the doctor on Nov 2, so we’ll see what he says. More later…


You saw it here first. I think I have decided to retire next Sept 1, 2008. The only problem is that I have to figure out how to keep paying the bills after I no longer have a paycheck coming in. I will be making that number one priority over the next year. We may move, we may not, we haven’t decided yet. We’ll probably have to stay here for awhile, but will probably move somewhere else – someone where it’s not so crowded. We’ll see. These are just my thoughts for tonight.

Jim and Dad

It’s Over

It’s Monday night and I’m watching the best new show of the year: “The Big Bang Theory”. I went to the hospital today and had my “procedure”. I laid on my stomach and the doctor stuck 2 needles in my spine. He says: “Can you feel that?” and I yell “YEA”. He did that four times. Not fun but not the worse thing I’ve ever been through. My left leg was really weak and wouldn’t support my weight for about 30 minutes, but I’m better now and they said I should feel normal by morning. They said it takes about 3 days for the cordisone to get into my system, so we’ll see if this works and helps. I see my doctor next on Nov 5, so I have until then to see if it helps me walk.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 65. The end is near.

Saw the doctor today

I spent the morning at the doctor’s office today. My orthopedic surgeon thought I needed to see a spine doctor. He said that the first thing I need to do is to have a shot into my spine. I think it’s cordisone that they will be giving me. So, on Monday Oct 8, I will be getting a shot in the spine to try and help the nerve damage that I’ve been putting up with.

I will logon on Monday and let you know how it goes.

Jim and Dad