Merry Christmas

Horray!! Advertising pays off. I got everything I asked for in my Christmas list. I have talked to everyone, but I wanted to thank everyone again for the neat presents. I love them all. Thank you, everyone. Next year, I am going to put a Cadallac on my list and see if it works again. 🙂

Now for other news. I’ve decided it’s time to write my life story. I’m sure I could sell at least 5 copies of it. What I want to do is write into this blog as I think of things for the next year or so and then pull it all together and produce a book (maybe for next year’s Christmas) that tells the story of Jim Hoag.

What do you think? Does this sound like a good idea? Please comment if you like the idea or if you think I’m nuts. (Kevin – you may want to consider unsubscribing unless you’re interested in my life story.)


The Empire Has Begun

Just so every knows, I am in this for the long haul. I will be building more blogs and giving the world more and more of my opinion. In some cases, I hope to actually make a little money from the efforts. If you’re reading this and still want to buy something for Christmas for Barb and I, I decided I also want the new Eagles album. It just came out a few weeks ago and has “How Long” on it as one of the tracks. That should be enough to find it.

So, in the spirit of growing and entrepreneurship, here is the link to my new blog. Enjoy.


All I Want for Christmas is……

Kim called me the other day to ask what I wanted for Christmas. Now, I don’t want to assume that anyone is going to get me a Christmas present, but in case you were thinking about it, I thought I would list a couple things I wouldn’t mind getting.

So, here is the start of my Christmas list for this year:

1. Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean, At World’s End – the one that just came out.

2. Movie: The Simpsons Movie – I think it comes out on the 18th.

3. Movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – It comes out on the 11th.

4. Book: Dean Koontz “The Darkest Evening of the Year”

5. CD: Garth Brooks “The Ultimate Hits” – a 3 CD set that just came out a couple weeks ago.

It goes without saying that no one needs to get me anything. I love you all, present or not. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

If I think of anything else, I’ll add another post, but that’s enough for now.