Current: A Day of Ups and Downs

Thursday, March 12 was a tough day. We needed to go to St George to a funeral on Friday. Barb’s sister-in-law’s father passed away and since Barb knew the gentle man, she wanted to attend his funeral. So, we decided to go down on Thursday and go to the St George Temple with Matt and Step in the afternoon.

So, we spent the morning driving to St George where we hooked up with Matt and Steph and the four of us headed for the Temple. We got into the 12:40 session. Now this may not seem significant except that neither Barb nor I have gone to the temple in a long time. I am in lot worse shape now than I was the last time I went through and I worried about how I would do. It was tough, but we made it.

Then we got back to Matt’s only to hear that Chad was in the hospital and ready to have open-heart surgery on Friday. So, after the spirit of the temple, we now were very worried about Chad. He had surgery on Friday and, I understand, is doing very well. We are so glad that he is pulling through this and hope he’s back on his feet soon.

Get well soon, Chad. We all love you and have you in our prayers.


Some Quotes from “Senior Scraps”

“Senior Scraps” is a little scrapbook like book that we got when we were seniors in high school. It’s not a yearbook. It doesn’t have a hard cover. In fact I picked it up the other night and the front cover just fell off, probably from age. It has things like the scores of all the football games we played. I noticed the scores are there, but not who won. Same thing for the basketball games.  I wrote some comments which were written in 1960, the year I graduated.

Under the heading: “Clubs”:

“The only club which I belonged to this year was the Jets Club of which I was the president. Our dues were 25 cents a month. In the ninth and tenth grades we had the Spanish Club at Belleview which I was treasury (sic). We had a riot in both of them.”

Under the heading: “Drama”:

The only drama we had this year was the junior play. It was a riot. I took Nancy Leatherman and we went to her house after-wards for cake and coffee. She sure is a nice girl. The play was about a sorority that didn’t believe in dating boys and how a boy spies on them and reports all about it to the college newspaper. The collection of girls in the sorority were really good and a couple of them stole the show.”

Under the heading “J Hop”

“Wonderful, simply wonderful! I had Dad’s ’60 Ford and took Nancy Leatherman. The theme of the dance was “Sea Fantasy” and the band was the “No-Names”. The decorations were very good and the band was all right. But the best thing of all was Nancy. She wore a beautiful pink semi-formal dress with white gardenias. She’s a wonderful dancer and I had a wonderful time. I hope she did too. After wards we were supposed to go to a party, but instead we just road around and talked. After that we went to her house and sat and ate and talked some more and watched TV.”

You can see I had a good time in high school. Nancy and I were an item for a while, but if you’ve read the earlier posts about high school, you know it didn’t last long. I have a couple more quotes, but I’ll do them next time.


Back to High School

The neatest thing happened a couple nights ago. I got a call from Karen that someone had called looking for me and left a number. I called her back and found out it was a women who I graduated from high school with named Betty Gothberg. (She, of course, has a married name now, but I’m not sure if she ever told me what it was. If so, I’ve forgotten.) She was excited that she had located me and we talked for almost an hour. She still lives in Battle Creek where I went to high school.

They are planning a 50 year reunion next year in 2010. They are going to have a big party and invite as many students that graduated in the class of 1960 as they can find.  I told her if there was any way I could do it, I would be there. We talked about all of the people she had located and where they were (scattered all over the country). She told me that they knew of 15 that had died over the years. So out of 72 graduates, there are about 57 of us left. A couple of the names I remember real well and have wrote about here and now they have passed on. So, I won’t be seeing them at the reunion.

After we talked, I got out my “Senior Scraps” which is a kind of yearbook, with room to put pictures and comments that I made back in 1960. I found Betty’s picture (not that I had any trouble remembering her). I spent a few minutes going down memory lane and looking at all the pictures and wondering what the people might look like now, 50 years later.

Next time, I’ll put in some quotes of what I wrote in the “Senior Scraps” book about some of things I did during my senior year. We may have talked about these things before, but I’ve never quoted myself as a 17 year old. Next time…


Current: All Shook Up

Well, I’ve taken a month or so off from this blog. I feel like it might be time to start writing again. I’ve found some stuff from when I went to high school which I don’t think I have mentioned before, so I will be posting that in the coming days. I also found a journal I wrote from about the years 1975 until the mid eighties. It covers leaving North Dakota and some of the time living in Eyota. I think you all might be interested in some of that. So, I guess the history is not done after all.

 Also, I had sort of stopped when I met Barb. I wasn’t sure if you all were interested in what had happened since, but I think I should write some about it. That’s part if my life, too.

So, I guess I’m back. We’ll see how it goes. As a point of news, Barb and I went to the Hale Theater in Orem on Saturday night (Feb 28) to see a play (musical) called “All Shook Up”. It takes place in the fifties and reminded me of the movie “Footloose”. However, it contains nothing but Elvis Presley songs. This guy comes to this small town on a motorcycle. They have a bunch of laws against public kissing and dancing and, in general, having fun. He is like Elvis and swivels his hips and sings all of the rockin’ Elvis songs. They try to arrest him and run him out of town, but the local kids all become converted to him and in the end everybody is dancing.

It’s a fun play and a very enjoyable two hours. We ate dinner at Red Lobster before we went to the play. Then we had a nice dinner at home on Sunday. So, I got two good dinners and a play for our anniversary. By the way, this is nine years. Not bad for the second time around. 

More later….