Current: Had an Epidural Today

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. I looked up the word epidural on the web and it seems to just apply to pregnant women. Since that isn’t me, maybe it was another word. At any rate, I spent most of the day today at the hospital getting a needle stuck in my back. I was scheduled to go in at 2:15. They called and told me to come at 11 instead. Then they made me wait in the little room for two hours before they took me into the operating room.

They lay you face down on the operating table, then they inject stuff in your IV for pain. Then they inject something they called “like valium” except without the side effects. This was intended to mellow me out, but that is the last thing I remember as I’m pretty sure I fell asleep or passed out or something. Anyway, the next I knew I was being rolled back into the little room where Barb was waiting for me.

While I was out, they injected cortisone into my spine. I think this is the same drug that athletes take to improve their performance. I had it in my mind to ask the doctor before they injected me if this meant I’d never be able to play professional ball again, but I passed out so fast that I forgot. I think it would have been a good joke, though.

I am home now and for a short while after the procedure, I felt really good. I think that was the drugs talking. I told Barb maybe I need to become a drug addict. I’m totally down now, but I think it’s working a little. My legs are still numb when I walk, but they don’t hurt near so much. We’ll see how long it lasts. I think I’m going to need more than just a shot for long term relief. I’ll keep you all up to date.

Love, Dad

One thought on “Current: Had an Epidural Today

  1. Dang, sorry to hear this, will the Minnesota Viking be able to survive without you? I hope you can get picked up by another team.

    Sorry pops, sounds intense. Pain sucks.

    Love ya!


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