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The neatest thing happened a couple nights ago. I got a call from Karen that someone had called looking for me and left a number. I called her back and found out it was a women who I graduated from high school with named Betty Gothberg. (She, of course, has a married name now, but I’m not sure if she ever told me what it was. If so, I’ve forgotten.) She was excited that she had located me and we talked for almost an hour. She still lives in Battle Creek where I went to high school.

They are planning a 50 year reunion next year in 2010. They are going to have a big party and invite as many students that graduated in the class of 1960 as they can find.  I told her if there was any way I could do it, I would be there. We talked about all of the people she had located and where they were (scattered all over the country). She told me that they knew of 15 that had died over the years. So out of 72 graduates, there are about 57 of us left. A couple of the names I remember real well and have wrote about here and now they have passed on. So, I won’t be seeing them at the reunion.

After we talked, I got out my “Senior Scraps” which is a kind of yearbook, with room to put pictures and comments that I made back in 1960. I found Betty’s picture (not that I had any trouble remembering her). I spent a few minutes going down memory lane and looking at all the pictures and wondering what the people might look like now, 50 years later.

Next time, I’ll put in some quotes of what I wrote in the “Senior Scraps” book about some of things I did during my senior year. We may have talked about these things before, but I’ve never quoted myself as a 17 year old. Next time…


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  1. Hi Daddy! I’m so glad to read your blogs again! I’ve missed them. Your reunion looks cool. That was a cool story. Love ya lots Dad, I owe you a call! Talk to ya soon!

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