Some Quotes from “Senior Scraps”

“Senior Scraps” is a little scrapbook like book that we got when we were seniors in high school. It’s not a yearbook. It doesn’t have a hard cover. In fact I picked it up the other night and the front cover just fell off, probably from age. It has things like the scores of all the football games we played. I noticed the scores are there, but not who won. Same thing for the basketball games.  I wrote some comments which were written in 1960, the year I graduated.

Under the heading: “Clubs”:

“The only club which I belonged to this year was the Jets Club of which I was the president. Our dues were 25 cents a month. In the ninth and tenth grades we had the Spanish Club at Belleview which I was treasury (sic). We had a riot in both of them.”

Under the heading: “Drama”:

The only drama we had this year was the junior play. It was a riot. I took Nancy Leatherman and we went to her house after-wards for cake and coffee. She sure is a nice girl. The play was about a sorority that didn’t believe in dating boys and how a boy spies on them and reports all about it to the college newspaper. The collection of girls in the sorority were really good and a couple of them stole the show.”

Under the heading “J Hop”

“Wonderful, simply wonderful! I had Dad’s ’60 Ford and took Nancy Leatherman. The theme of the dance was “Sea Fantasy” and the band was the “No-Names”. The decorations were very good and the band was all right. But the best thing of all was Nancy. She wore a beautiful pink semi-formal dress with white gardenias. She’s a wonderful dancer and I had a wonderful time. I hope she did too. After wards we were supposed to go to a party, but instead we just road around and talked. After that we went to her house and sat and ate and talked some more and watched TV.”

You can see I had a good time in high school. Nancy and I were an item for a while, but if you’ve read the earlier posts about high school, you know it didn’t last long. I have a couple more quotes, but I’ll do them next time.


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