Sept 16, 2014

I am taking a family history class and today’s lesson was about Journals and writing in Journals. When the teacher asked who was willing to write at least 8 minutes a day for the length of the class, I raised my hand. I guess I’m a follower like that.

So, to document the day, it goes as follows: I got up this morning and had my 9 o’clock call with Doug and we talked about the four books (two copies of the Sixties mega-book, the paperback and the Kindle, then I published James Brown and the Spanish version of The Everly Brothers.) Who knows if any of them will sell, but I keep hoping} I published over the weekend. He is working on getting products from China to sell and he told me he is going on vacation to Mexico in a couple weeks.

After talking to Doug, I took Barb to work where she spent the day at Heinselmens Yarn shop. I drove home, stopping to pick up a prescription at the drug store and then heading over to the church for the Family History class. After class, I came home and did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day.

I have a new class I got online about selling on Amazon and plan to go through that in the next couple days. I hope to have a site up and running before the end of September for the Halloween business and then get my Christmas site up by the end of October to take advantage of Black Friday and the Holiday buyers.

Oh, and I am working on my next book: Elton John.

I went and picked up Barb at 6 and we had supper and then watched TV for the evening. Watched Masterpiece Mysteries with Hercole Peirot, Agatha Christie’s detective. It was pretty good. Not much on right now as the new season hasn’t started yet and the summer shows are winding down.

Our devotional was held after the news and tonight, we decided to abandon Elder Bednar’s book and instead read a book about the early days of the Relief Society. It is much easier to read and I think will be very inspirational. I am so glad of the testimony that I have of the church. We talked of praying out loud instead of just silent prayers. I suggested that we should, maybe, go out to the car and just sit in the car in the garage and speak to our Heavenly Father. We heard a talk on Sunday from Elder Scott (One of the 12 Apostles) about how our Father in Heaven is, literally, our father and he wants us to talk to him, but silent prayers always seem so forced. You should get away from other people and talk to Him like another person and what a difference that can make. I am going to try that tomorrow.

Well, it’s been about 8 minutes, so I will quit. Time for bed. Good night.

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