Sept 17, 2014

OK, this will be a short one. Not much happened today. Barb and I went to the Senior Center for lunch today. There was supposed to be a Square Dancing Demonstration, but they cancelled and we got to hear one of the ladies play the flute for a half-hour. It’s not as bad as it sounds. She was actually pretty good. We had meatloaf.

I worked most of the day on my new Halloween site, and had it up and running and then decided to change everything and when I took it down, I messed up something and so had to call Hostgator to get them to fix it. Now I have to start all over again, tomorrow, or whenever they get it fixed. Hope to have Halloween done by the end of the month, so I can get started on the Christmas site.

Heard from Dennis Hepler today. He’s in my ward and has been writing an LDS children’s book and I’ve been helping him publish it. He got the proof copy in the mail today and he’s excited. There was some problem with his cover, so we have to re-publish the book with the new cover and I told him I would help him do that. I’ve spent about 10 hours, so far, working with him to get his book out the door. It’s a long process.

For devotional, tonight, we are reading from a book about Joseph Smith and the Relief Society. How, even though the women don’t directly hold the Priesthood, they still receive all the blessings from the Priesthood. The book quotes much of what Joseph said when the R.S. was organized. It’s very cool and we are enjoying it a lot.

I did work on Elton John a little, but not much. I’m shooting for having it done by the first of October, but probably won’t make it. Took me 6 weeks to write James Brown, I don’t know why I think I can get Elton done in 2, but we’ll see. Stay tuned for updates.

Right now I have 5 books (physical books) to package and mail in the morning.

Good night.








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