Not Much Happened Today

Today was one of those days when I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I talked to Doug (Hoover) this morning for a few minutes and then I had five books to mail out for customers who bought them. None of them were worth much, so the ROI wasn’t great, but every little bit helps and I’m thankful for what we get.

I got my Halloween site back. Now I have to install it and get it running, so that maybe I’ll make a few bucks before Halloween. As soon as that is done, I plan to start work on the Christmas site.

I read some of Elton John’s life, but none of it translated over to my book. I plan to spend some time tomorrow working on him and hopefully, writing a couple thousand words.

Barb spent the day at the Senior Center. Elder Quest has started for the fall semester and she is attending classes on Thursday and Monday. I don’t fell like I can spend the time on stuff like that when I could be writing or creating a site which, hopefully, will bring in income. We live so close to the edge, I’m afraid that one day we will fall off and we’ll be in deep trouble.

I wish I had profound words of wisdom to say that future generations would stumble across and be impressed with my rhetoric. But, I guess that’s not about to happen. Oh, well, take care everyone who reads this. I hope you are well.

I just read this over and it sounds kind of gloomy. Oh well, sorry. I guess I can’t be “up” all of the time. As it turns out, I hardly ever am (“up, that is).

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