Senior Center

Welcome to the exciting life of James Hoag. Today, was one of those when nothing different happened. I spent the morning getting caught up on stuff on the computer that I do each day and then when over to Dennis Hepler’s house to get his book ordered from Amazon. It is a proof copy and hopefully, will be the last iteration of the process so we can publish in a few days. The we will be done.

He said he is taking Barb and I out to dinner for all the help I’ve been giving him. I’m picking somewhere expensive.

I talked to Kim today. That was nice with Maggie screaming in the background. That’s really a different back ground from what I am used to. But I would still love to see them more, but I don’t see a tip in the near future. I was looking for whatever Genealogy work she had done but she doesn’t really have anything anymore and so I have to start over from paper records that I have. I will buying Legacy this week, so I can start putting in data.

We had lunch at the Senior Center. It was my favorite meal, the breakfast meal with eggs and sausage and biscuits and gravy.

So, all in all, not a bad day, but didn’t get much done on Elton John. Maybe tomorrow…..

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