You saw it here first. I think I have decided to retire next Sept 1, 2008. The only problem is that I have to figure out how to keep paying the bills after I no longer have a paycheck coming in. I will be making that number one priority over the next year. We may move, we may not, we haven’t decided yet. We’ll probably have to stay here for awhile, but will probably move somewhere else – someone where it’s not so crowded. We’ll see. These are just my thoughts for tonight.

Jim and Dad

11 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. Hi daddy!!!!

    Retirement huh? Congrats! I hope your plan goes well in the next year. You know you could start one of those family bands and get an RV thing and travel the country and perform at those county fairs and stuff! Doesn’t that sounds fun?? Then you could travel and not really “work” at the same time! Just strum your banjo…

    ha ha…LOVE YA!


  2. Oops!
    DAD – it’s been a week since you have updated us on your life!!! Are you ok??? I need more information!!!
    Love you!
    K to the T

  3. Kate:
    I think the time is set to GMT time (in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) I’ll check what I have to do to fix it.
    The banjo idea is great. I think I’ll go somewhere and sign up for lessons. 🙂 I’m second in Google, huh? That’s way cool. I wish I could figure out a way to make money from that.

  4. Retirement would be cool! Where would you move? When you say less crowded, do you mean that your house is crowded or your subdivision is crowded or the city is crowded?


  5. Matt:
    Don’t have a place to move to yet. Maybe Cedar City. I’m tired of the traffic and the congestion up here. But, it may not be possible to go anywhere. We’ve talked about different places. I joke about going back to Minn, but I’m coming to realize I need someplace warm. I’m understanding why old people all move to Arizona. So, south is probably our first choice. (Maybe St George – then I could bother you on a regular basis.)


  6. Jim,
    I’m thinking you are the Jim Hoag that had brief stint in the local IBM branch office in Rochester, MN back in the 80’s.

  7. David: You may never see this, but, yes that would be me. Your name is vaguely familiar. Did we know each other? I spent two years in the Rochester branch office in the early 80’s until I realized I wasn’t cut out to be a system engineer. I went back to the plant to do what I do best, program.

    If you see this, send me your email address and tell me how we know each other.

    Jim Hoag

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